The Ultimate Hydration Skincare Routine: Nighttime Edition


Whether you’re dealing with dry, irritated or acne prone skin, you’re not alone. In this comprehensive summary, we're delving into the intricacies of what constitutes the ultimate hydration skincare routine, a nightly ritual that promises to leave your skin luxuriously fresh and nourished.

Our guide is not just another set of generic recommendations—it's rooted in the expertise of dermatologists who understand the nuanced needs of your skin. Through the lens of their research, we'll unravel the secrets behind creating a skincare routine that goes beyond the superficial, introducing you to our very own formulas and the powerhouse ingredients that make them exceptionally effective. By the end, you'll have the knowledge and tools to elevate your nightly skincare regimen, transforming it into a practical and effective solution for your skin's well-being.

Furthermore, Dr. Leslie Baumann, a distinguished dermatologist and skincare expert, prominently features MEDATURE’s PSL Repair Moisturizer 4 in her article entitled Skin Barrier Repair Moisturizers, specifically highlighting it in her curated list of “The 6 best dermatologist-recommended barrier repair moisturizers.” Additionally, she showcases MEDATURE’s Clarifying B Toner 2 in her article titled Aquaporins in Skincare and Injectable Fillers.


Featured MEDATURE Formulas

Clarifying B Toner 2

When it comes to achieving radiant and blemish-free skin, the right skincare routine is essential. And to elevate your skincare journey further, we're excited to introduce one of our best-selling products: the Clarifying B Toner 2. As a game-changer in your nighttime skincare regimen, this toner is formulated to make your skin glow radiantly. By efficiently assisting congested pores in shedding buildup and debris that often lead to breakouts, it promotes a clearer complexion. Moreover, our Clarifying B Toner 2 goes beyond the surface, soothing and strengthening irritated and stressed skin, leaving it smoother and healthier. In line with the latest skincare insights, this toner features turmeric, a key ingredient that stimulates aquaporin activity, enhancing your skin's hydration from within. Elevate your routine with the Clarifying B Toner 2 and unlock the secret to a revitalized, well-hydrated complexion.

As highlighted in a recent article on skincare products that activate aquaporin channels, our Clarifying B Toner 2 features the potent ingredient turmeric. Turmeric, renowned for its skin-loving properties, contains the active compound curcumin. Scientific studies reveal that curcumin can enhance AQP3 expression and glycerol transport in human keratinocytes, crucial components in maintaining skin hydration. By activating PPARγ receptors, turmeric promotes aquaporin activity, contributing to the remarkable hydrating benefits of our Clarifying B Toner 2. To read more on this, refer to Dr. Baumann’s Aquaporins in Skincare and Injectable Fillers article.


PSL Repair Moisturizer 4

To solidify and rejuvenate your nighttime skincare routine, it's crucial to prioritize skin repair and hydration. According to Dr. Baumann, a renowned skincare expert, a skin-repairing and ultra-hydrating moisturizer is key to nourishing and protecting the skin barrier throughout the night. Seek products with essential ingredients like ceramides, known for fortifying the skin barrier, and niacinamide, recognized for its anti-inflammatory properties and skin texture enhancement. Dr. Baumann emphasizes the importance of choosing a moisturizer tailored to specific skin types and concerns, such as dryness, sensitivity, or signs of aging. Our best-selling PSL Repair Moisturizer 4 is the perfect solution, clinically proven to strengthen the skin barrier, alleviate irritation in just seven days, and provide immediate relief from skin dryness.

This image demonstrates the functions of the skin barrier. To provide additional context, the skin barrier is situated in the stratum corneum, the epidermis's top layer. Comprising keratinocytes enclosed in a lipid bilayer, this structure, containing fatty acids, ceramides, and cholesterol in equal proportions, is positioned between each keratinocyte.

In alignment with Dr. Baumann's insights, she highlights specific attributes that define good barrier repair moisturizers in her blog. According to her, an effective moisturizer should contain three lipid types—ceramides, fatty acids, and cholesterol—in a balanced 1:1:1 ratio and exhibit a Maltese cross pattern under a cross-polarized microscope. Dr. Baumann's detailed analysis highlights the importance of transparency in product formulation, noting that companies proud of a 1:1:1 lipid ratio will often disclose this information. Notably, MEDATURE’s PSL Repair Moisturizer 4 earns recognition as a good barrier repair moisturizer, exhibiting the coveted Maltese cross pattern under cross-polarized light, a testament to its efficacy in supporting skin barrier repair.

This image demonstrates the Maltese cross pattern under a cross-polarized microscope in our barrier repairing and best-selling PSL Repair Moisturizer 4:


PSL Intensive Hydrating Mask +

To conclude our ultimate hydration routine, it’s important to note our PSL Intensive Hydrating MASK +, a luxurious overnight mask designed to rejuvenate dry and dehydrated skin. Specifically formulated for dry skin types, this gentle yet ultra-hydrating mask provides targeted hydration where your skin needs it most. Enriched with key ingredients such as Panthenol, ceramide, and macadamia oil, it works synergistically with your hydrating cleanser and PSL Repair Moisturizer 4 to deliver an intensive boost of moisture. Whether used as a leave-on treatment for the final step in your evening skincare routine or as a revitalizing rinse-off mask during times of extra dryness, the PSL Intensive Hydrating MASK + leaves your skin looking and feeling smooth, soft, and at its healthiest.