Refresh, Renew, Revitalize, Replenish, Reinforce This is the core philosophy behind MEDATURE and the key to promoting your skin's health and realizing its greatest potential to vital beauty.
Our game-changing 5-step skincare system declutters over-complicated routines, offers solutions as direct and precise as medical advice. At Medature, we notice two root causes, barrier damage and inflammation, underlying most skin concerns. Through powerhouse ingredients and innovative technologies, the 5-step MEDATURE skincare system is designed to target these root causes, providing the skin with ingredients it needs to refresh, renew, revitalize, replenish and reinforce itself.
The first step of the regimen refreshes the skin with gentle cleansers that do not disrupt the skin’s vital protective barrier. The second step renews the skin with a hydrating antioxidant toner and a liquid exfoliator. Next, the skin is revitalized with serums and treatments that target inflammation, pigmentation, dryness, and accelerated skin aging.
Then, the skin’s barrier is replenished with the essential lipids to repair itself and restore its two core functions: to prevent water loss and protect the skin from external irritants. The PSL Repair Moisturizer in this step contains an optimal ratio of ceramides, fatty acids, and cholesterol, mimicking the natural lipid structure of the skin barrier. Lastly, our intensely hydrating mask and gentle makeover peel reinforce and rejuvenate the skin in a weekly base.
When combined, each step in the MEDATURE skincare system works synergistically to reboost the skin, restore its natural balance, repair the delicate skin barrier, and achieve a healthy, youthful-looking complexion.