At Medature, we believe that to achieve optimal skin health, it starts with having a healthy skin lipid barrier. We work alongside industry leading chemists and world-renowned dermatologists to create products that tackle the root cause of many skin concerns. These skin concerns are mostly due to an unbalanced or jeopardized skin lipid barrier. Our cutting-edge PSL technology harnesses the correct ratio of ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acids to perfectly mimic the natural multilamellar structure of our skin, and therefore help to restore the skin’s barrier function. We take a 360° approach as our other products are also formulated to retain and replenish the skin lipid barrier which then allows power-house active ingredients to work synergistically and effectively, providing you with optimal skin care results that your skin deserves.


At Medature, we believe in the perfect combination of nature and science. We only use the best natural and synthetic ingredients available to address the skin care needs of all skin types and skin concerns. We steer away from ingredients that are harsh, drying or likely to cause skin irritation. With our straight-forward 4-step skin care regimen, we have pioneered the importance of nature and science to delivers real results that you can see and feel, and ultimately help our customers feel confident in their skin.